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Arizona Aqua Stars
Arizona's Premiere Synchronized Swim Team
Welcome to The Arizona Aqua Stars

Synchronized Swimming is a fun sport for girls that combines dance, gymnastics and swimming!  Now is the time to join the Arizona Aqua Stars!  
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"2014 Registration" page.
For registration, contact Marylou at 480-862-4116 or, 


Masters Try Synchro this Saturday, April 19th!

Ths is a great way for women to add fun and excersise to their lives!  Come try this Olympic sport this week end!
For more information contact Coach Becky
at 480-313-4350 or at

AAS is proud to announce the addition of a Masters Team!

Our new Masters swimmers just returned from US Masters Championships where their team placed third in their age group!  Although they are a competitive team, their main goals are to enjoy the sport and the friendships they form with each other while getting in regular exercise :-) While they arrive as a team, their arms are open to welcome new swimmers.  Women over the age of 20 are welcome to join them (previous Synchro experience is not necessary, and competition is not mandatory).   Regular practice for Masters are Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 pm, and Saturday mornings from 7 to 9 am. 

Coach Becky Thompson is a former Synchro  Swimmer and Aqua Star Coach.  She  is returning to her previous Synchro home to coach the Masters.   She is a great asset to our team!

If you would like additional information on the Masters team, please feel free to contact Coach  Becky at 480-313-4350 or at Bekylu@gmail.com


The Arizona Aqua Stars is a nationally recognized, year-round synchronized swim club.  For almost 30 years the Arizona Aqua Stars has been developing girls into nationally accomplished athletes in the sport of synchronized swimming.  AAS was started in 1983, by Linda Witter, former head coach of The Ohio State Collegiate National Champions and former head coach of the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team.   

Since 2005, our team has become a National force in Synchronized Swimming!   Our coaching staff has taken our athletes to 7 National Age Group Championship Titles and 10 placements on USA National Teams.  This is more than all other Arizona clubs combined!  Our coaching staff ensures that every swimmer gets the high quality coaching that the Aqua Stars are known for.  Our team philosophy is that even our youngest swimmers deserve excellent coaching.  It is imperative to any athlete learning Synchro that they learn using proper techniques in order to reach their full potential.   

Aqua Star team programs welcome a wide range of abilities from the first year swimmer with no experience, to the swimmer competing at the elite level.  If you have never tried Synchro, please contact Marylou Zimmerman at 480-862-4116 and TerriLynne Collins at 480-720-8745, if you have already tried, or have competed as a synchro swimmer, please contact us to find out how soon you could become an Aqua Star!