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The Competitive teams, also referred to as Age Group Swimmers, are for participants aged 6 - 18 years who wish to compete year-round at a more advanced level. Age Group swimmers are evaluated from the Arizona Aqua Stars Coaches to ensure swimmers have reached the competitive level and are ready to committed to the training schedule required for the competitive teams. The competitive swimmers participate in local and qualified competitions throughout the season. 

Good to Know:

  • Athletes generally swim 4 days/week for a total of 12-14 hours weekly.
  • Competitive team season begins in September.
  • Competition season starts in December and continue through mid-June.
  • All athletes must feel comfortable to swim 25 yards in deep water unassisted, without a floatation device.  

Please contact us at headcoach@azaquastars.org for more information! 

Arizona Aqua Stars Competitive Team