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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is synchronized swimming: now called Artistic Swimming?

Synchronized swimming combines elaborate moves of swimming, gymnastics and acrobatic sequences that are synchronized to music and each other in a body of water. Depending on the number of participants determines the type of routine; solos, duet and teams (4+ athletes). These rigorous routines are accompanied by glittered costumes, makeup and a strong team bond. In 1968, the governing body of water sports, FINA, recognized Synchronized Swimming as a sport. In 2017 the name “Synchronized Swimming” was changed to Artistic Swimming to help gain popularity and align with the idea of being synchronized with music. As the name has changed, Arizona Aqua Stars still continue to follow in the Esther Williams infamous style of Synchronized Swimming.  

3. Do I need to know how to swim?

The sport of synchronized swimming is done in deep water. Swimmers should have basic swimming skills and be comfortable in deep water without floatation devices.

2. Is synchronized swimming for girls only?

Synchronized swimming is for both genders. The Arizona Aqua Stars Team welcomes boys and girls of all ages in our programs.