The sport of synchronized swimming offers many health and fitness benefits for men and women. The Masters Team offers competitive and recreational opportunities for adult swimmers aged 19 - 101 years. The only requirement is feeling comfortable in deep water unassisted (without floatation device) and able to swim 25 yards. Swimmers generally swim 2 to 3 days totaling 6 to 7 hours each week.  Master swimmers participate in local invitational as well as traveling out of town to Masters Nationals in October each year. Masters is a great opportunity to build friendships, increase energy levels and have fun!

Good to know:

  • Athletes generally swim 2 days/week for a total of 4-5 hours weekly.
  • All athletes have the option to participate in Masters Nationals Championship located throughout the nation  

Arizona Aqua Stars Masters Program


​850 N. Horne St. Mesa, AZ 85213

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