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The Recreational team is great for newer swimmers who wish to achieve a greater fitness level, learn the basics of the sport and compete year-round.  Participants aged 6 - 18 years old may enroll in this program to learn age appropriate figures and routines. Year-round competitions are local and out-of-town with potential for out-of-state travel competitions. Although this is an entry level to the competitive teams, swimmers may move up to the competitive team upon coaches approval and readiness. 

Good to Know

  • Participants generally swim 3 days/week for a total of about 5 hours weekly.
  • Recreational team season begins in September.
  • Competition season starts in December and continue through mid-June.
  • All athletes must feel comfortable to swim 25 yards in deep water unassisted, without a floatation device.  

Arizona Aqua Stars Recreational Team

Please contact us at info@azaquastars.org for more information!